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My craft room

     Hey friends!  Welcome to my craft room!   This place is where my creativity has no boundaries!   This is the room in my house where you will most likely find me all day long.  This room has grown with me in the last 3 years and has gone through multiple transformations.  I have rearranged this space at least once every six months to better suit my growing needs for space.  When my husband and I purchased this home in 2017, I knew immediately this would be my craft room.  It has two giant windows which give me great work light throughout the day!

      In 2017, I was just an all around crafter.   I was interested in every craft out there possible so I had all kinds of craft supplies on totes in closets.  At my old home, the laundry room was also my craft room.  It served it’s purpose but I knew I wanted a full craft room that I didn’t have to share! 

I really wanted a dedicated craft room so when we finally bought our home in June 2018 it was so exciting to finally organize my supplies and even get more! (It’s amazing how fast you collect craft supplies!)

As I said earlier, it has gone through many transformations since then as I have added more tools and supplies.  In 2020 my dad, husband and I added a door to make it easier to go outside to seal my door hangers or work in the garage or SheShed. (Yes I said SheShed! That will be a whole other blog post)

Here’s my beautiful door! It still needs trim and paint but that will be a project for another day!  For now I’m just so happy to have it in my space!   

In 2020 I decided to concentrate more on painting door hangers so again, I had to rearrange my space to work better for me.  I began doing Facebook lives and YouTube videos so I needed a space to set up for those as well as painting and completing my door hangers.  

As I continue to grow my business, I’m sure I will continue to update my craft space to better suit my needs.  For now,  here is what it looks like in June 2021.

Thank you for visiting my beautiful craft space! I’ll see you on the next blog!


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