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My SheShed

Y’all I got my own she shed!  This is where all of my wood cutting magic happens!  When I started making door hangers, I started off sharing a garage with my husband.   It doesn’t seem too bad right?  Except he has his own hobbies, and wood working was not one of them. The more my small business grew, the more supplies and tools I needed, so I was quickly taking over the whole space.Taking over the garage
 It was getting to be a challenge to share the space so we decided to buy a storage building and transform it into my little work shop!

That was such a happy day! We quickly started to work on making it a functional workshop. We painted the walls white and added peg boards and tables and finally electricity!


Of course I had to put my own personal touch to it and painted cheerful flowers in my favorite colors! 

My dad came over one weekend to help me build an awesome lumber storage shelf.  I love to be organized so this was a great solution to keep all of my wood in a designated space. Plus it really helps me to keep track of what I have and what I need to buy.  It also gave me great storage on top for tools to keep them within reach.  I believe this is a must have for a small space!

This little shed is perfect for being creative.  The double doors are so great for bringing in my sheets of wood or larger pieces.  And a great bonus are the double lofts I have in there to store craft show displays, tables and chairs for paint parties and a lot more things!


Well, what did you think? It’s pretty awesome right? I absolutely love my SheShed!  I hope you like it too.

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  • this is an awesome place, lot’s of blessing , Did You name your she shed?

    Rebecca Lewis

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